100DB x 100REPS

Oh these cheeks were throbbing by the end of this challenge! Guaranteed immediate 1 inch glute swelling!

1.DB Frog Thrusts
At around 60 continual reps I had to tell myself, “if I can give birth, I can do this!” 🤣 The burn from this exercise is unreal
If this doesn’t feel right on your first try, play around with it! Maybe you need your feet to be closer or further away from your glutes. You’ll also need to see what level of abduction feels right as well. The most comfortable position for me is feet fairly close to my glutes (ankles under knees) and knees widely abducted. If you can’t get it to feel right after multiple attempts, no biggie, omit it 😉 @bretcontreras1
Some other options ⬇️
•Bosu ball or @perillegrade balancer under head as well as on hips
•Fabric band above knees
•2 dbs with one on each hip
•BB instead of DB
•Feet elevated

No Rest

If you have enough energy left in your tank, slap a fabric band on above your knees

No rest

3.Fire Hydrants
Banding above knees if you can swing it

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