3.5 year transformation +25lbs from

Bret Contreras changed my life!!

I’ve been lifting weights for around 7 years now, though the last 3.5 years are where the real change happened.. My friend @aline_elkin brought Bret to my attention and shortly after that I started working with Bret and he’s been writing my programs since.. Looking back I wished I came across him sooner because everything I though I knew about training was changed forever. The substantial amount of knowledge I learned from this great man is literally inconceivable and I’m unable to measure the immense value he provides me with.. I’m so damn grateful and feel extremely blessed and lucky to have his incredible guidance over the years.. My training, strength and physique are on a whole new level thanx to him.. I’ve since gained 25lbs of BW and never felt and looked better..
I learned how to train smartly, how to apply progressive overload, how to deload and recover properly, how to progress and regress exercises correctly, how to become strong AF!! how to program for my own clients, how to be a better coach, a better person a better friend, a better role model and example, how to be humble, how to be a critical thinker, and inspire and help as many people as I can. I’m honestly so humbled by Bret’s generous spirit to share his knowledge, expertise, friendship, acts of kindness, and love. If you are lucky enough to know him in person, you know he’s such an amazing friend on top of it all!

Forever grateful for you coach @bretcontreras1 ,there’s no amount of words to express my gratitude ,love and appreciation for you! You’re the fucking man! A true legend! Thank you for all that you do! You truly changed the face of this industry! You’re leaving your footprint in so many aspects, whether in the research world, your innovative equipment and store, the Stronglifting meets that I was lucky enough to participate in, Glute Lab, your books, BC Academy, BBB and the incredible community of badass woman as a result of that, the content and articles you put out and the list just goes on

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