A messy workout is better than no workout

aaand this was one of them. Here’s what I powered through with my little boy 👶🏼 army 🥴🤹‍♀️

1️⃣ DB Stiff DL
My hips are held high and my shins are vertical as I concentrate on the nice stretch in my hamstrings and glutes. My transverse abdominis is activated throughout all reps (no bulging tummy). My lats are engaged and shoulders are away from my ears

2️⃣ Bent Over DB Row
Transverse abdominis is activated as I row towards my belly button

3️⃣ Cable Bicep Curls
Staple exercise every back/bi training session. My elbows stay slightly in front of my hips

4️⃣ Seated Alternating Curls
I couldn’t finish my last set on the cable machine because of baby 👶🏼 so I sat down and did this instead

5️⃣ Hammer SS. Wide Curls
Didn’t want to superset this but Reyn Man was letting me know he wanted to snooze with the eye rubs so 🤷🏼‍♀️. My arms were burning though 🙌🏼

6️⃣ Bench SL Hip Thrust
I do one or two glute exercises every single day and this is one I often choose. It’s easy and the glute burn is incredible with only bw. You can have your arms straight of tucked in

7️⃣ Kiddo Hip Thrusts
Ryze ran over to me so I just used him to finish my short workout 😉. We’ve been doing this since he was about 7 months old 😆

8️⃣Kiddo Kneel into Squat
I don’t think a day has gone by since having kids that I haven’t done this movement ☺️

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