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Annabel Lucinda: Beauty With Brain and Muscles

Have you ever heard the quote, beauty with brain but the personality we are going to talk about in this article have three aspects checked in her life that includes muscles too .Annabel Lucinda is famous tik tok and fitness star . she is social media influencer and post her fitness and workout videos on her social media. in her teenage life she was kind of suffering from her eating disorder and suffering from anxiety , stress and bad alcohol consumption habits took her to that side of life .  she suffered a lot due to these habits. after getting so much problems in her lifestyle and suffering from mental illness

She started working out in April , 2021 and dedicated herself to workout .when she found some results on her physique and started to get away from alcohol . she cured her eating disorder and started a proper diet . she got herself in a better place in terms of physique and this motivated her to be more dedicated and she took her work out on next level ,we will talk about this later .while suffering on social media platforms she saw posts of girls showing their workouts and there she decided to share her workout videos on her social media platforms .after that she became popular on many platforms in much less time . she hasn’t took part in any fitness contest but she has given some hints of that could happen in future soon .

Briefs about Annabel
First NameAnnabel
Last NameLucinda
Date of Birth28th August , 2002
Area of WorkFitness star on Social media , brand promotor
InterestTravelling , Social Media and Workout
Marital StatusUnmarried
height5.8 Feet’s ( 176.7 Centimeters )
Weight61 Kgs (134.4 lbs. )


Annabel’s bio:

Annabel was born in Wichita, Kansas, United States. she got her primary education from Andover high school, Andover. in her teenage, she participated in Irish dance Competitions . For some time she inclined toward fashion industry. she joined the fashion institute of Technology in New York. she completed her bachelor’s in advertising and Marketing Communications . after that all of her messy lifestyle she got some fitness problems and started working out and some diet plans to improve her lifestyle. she is currently studying exercise science .

Annabel’s Social Media and followers :

Now we are coming on most valuable thing that is most special in Annabel’s life. by this, she get’s most popular. in starting of her social media journey, as usual she didn’t got much hike. she started posting her content constantly and after some time she started growing her followers on social media. Annabel’s posts her workout posts and lifestyle on her social media. in some videos, she has shared her journey of becoming a social media starts on her some videos .she shares her workout routines .her favorite exercises and her diet . she has more than 1.5 million followers on her Instagram account. she has recently started her YouTube channel. Annabel gave her followers advice for their social media journey to post clear pictures and videos for better reactions . she promotes brand on her social accounts and also she posts for fashion brands too.

Annabel’s Workout:

Initially Annabel  was just working out for making her physique good but when she saw fine result , she went to the next level of her workout . she started lifting weights and tried making her diet plans strict . her favorite exercises are Mentioned below .

1. she performs bench press . this exercise helps her for gaining muscles on her shoulders and chest area .

2. she tries inclined dumbbell press . this exercise helps in chest area and lower abs .

3. she performs seated overhead press. this exercise targets shoulders.

4. she performs squats and variations of squats . it helps in burning calories and lose weight. it helps in maintaining shape of the lower back.

5. she loves to hear music while working out. she says high notes songs motivate her for taking long time reps in exercises .

6. she performs cardio in gym .

7. she also uses feet exercises machines.

Annabel’s Net worth:

Annabel promotes many brands on her social media .she has collaborated with many brands that help to generate her Net worth. Her estimated net worth is $3,50,000. Her brand names are Alpha lion and Gym shark etc.She provides referrals of these brands through her social media .Annabel’s great reach in her social media provides her a very good benefit on promoting these brands and brands believes her too .

FAQ’s :

Who is Annabel Lucinda?

Annabel Lucinda is a Famous Fitness Model on social media .She posts her workout videos on her social media.

Where is she from?

She is From Wichita, Kansas, America. For some times she went at New York for taking admission in fashion Institute of Technology. But currently she is living in Wichita , Kansas.

How she came into bodybuilding?

In her teenage, She was suffering from eating disorders and Anxiety. then she started the workout and found some unimaginable results and decided to take her workout into the next level

How many Followers she has on Instagram?

She has more than 1.5 Million followers on her Instagram and various count on othe social media handles . she started her YouTube channel where she currently touched more than 21K subscribers.

What is her Net worth ?

Her estimated Net worth is $3,50,000 . she hasn’t revealed much about her Net worth but this is estimated as her brands and social media income

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