Back Bi Serratus ABS

Long overdue for a upper body and abs post! Let me know how everything goes for you if you try this!!

Seated Rows
Thinking about pulling through your elbows and protracting and retracting scapula. Core is engaged throughout every rep

Side Lying Serratus Press
SUCH an underestimated exercise! This will work the finger-like muscles underneath your armpit 😮‍💨. Be mindful of hip hiking by creating space underneath you. As you press think of reaching long through your pinky and up towards the ceiling. I guarantee the first time you try this, you’ll use way too much neck and shoulder muscles, very common troubleshoot. Don’t be afraid to use your opposite hand to touch your neck/shoulders to make sure they are squishy and not taking over the movement. If you feel unstable, throw a foam roller or ball b/t your legs and squeeze to turn on your adductors. Lots more cueing on this but I’m limited in space

Seated DB Bicep Curls
I’m actually squeezing my inner thighs (adductors) together to create more stability in my pelvis. Sometimes I’ll even throw a sponge pad or small ball b/t my legs and squeeze to get my lower transverse abdominis (TA’s) to fire.

Crossbody Connection
Performing my inhale-relax and exhale-engage deep core system breathing technique from my Restore Your Core Program. I’m being mindful of keeping my ribs down and knit together. Think of connecting rib to opposite pelvic bone

Cable Pallof Rotations
Super small movement but holy smokes it’s incredible!! We want serratus to jump in on this too so think of reaching long through your pinkys. You can use a few different breathing variations here. I demo inhale-relax, exhale- activate TvA + rotate AND rotate while breathing under a brace. Make sure you’re not rotating through your lower back. If so, engage your adductors

Restore Your Core + Pelvic Floor Program
Not for only postpartum women
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Using @legion Recharge Creatine and Whey+ Protein every single day. Blue raspberry and birthday cake flavors are my favs!
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