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Bakhar’s Bio

ln this article we have a girl who started her journey with no excuses and pure determined way and achieved her fruits of hard work.  Bakhar Nabieva, born in Azerbaijan, started her bodybuilding journey started due to bullying of some school kids.  We will talk about it how she shut their mouth and never   saw back after that. In her childhood, she has a skinny body and in solution of that she decided to start gym and this made her life change by miles. After time passed she turned herself in extreme level and performed in many championships and bikini competitions. Because of her physique She is also known as ‘Miss iron bum’ . She has a muscular body and she posts her pose photos and videos on her social media.  She also promotes products and brands on her social media

Bakhar Nabieva’s body statistics

Bakhar a popular fitness model, bodybuilder and famous social media star . In the present time social media is the kingmaker.  How you present yourself in front of others, defines your worth.  It’s also shows how you worked hard on yourself.  That what bakhar does on social media.we are going to talk about her body statistics now. Bakhar has a height of 5.7 feets (172 cm) her weight is 70 kg(147 lbs).her thies properly looks like bodybuilders. She is called Miss iron bum for her body type. 

Briefs about Bakhar
First NameBakhar
Last NameNabieva
Date of Birth8th April , 1994
Area of WorkFitness Model , Bodybuilder and Social media influencer
InterestTravelling , Social Media and Workout
Marital StatusUnmarried
height5.7 Feet’s ( 172 Centimeters )
Weight70 Kgs (147 lbs. )
Physical Appearances/RankFitness Bikini Competition / 5th rank

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Bakhar Nabieva Educational background

Bakhar was born in Azerbaijan and later her family moved to Ukraine and she started her primary education in school of Dnipro in Ukraine.  At this time , she was interested in sports like basketball .their she took her first step in bodybuilding. She has done her graduation in Economics from Alfred Nobel University  in Dnipro,  Ukraine.

Bakhar Nabieva’s career and physical

From her school she was good at sports and  to improve her physical structure, she started practicing from her teenage. At the very start of gym , at one morning she saw improvement in her body and she amazed to see that improvement. She took her practice to the next level and she trained her muscle for more benefits .After some time ,her interest in social media led her to post her pose photos and videos on social media accounts and this made popular in very less time. Later she performed in Bikini fitnesscompetitions .in 2015, she took 5th place in fitness bikini competition. she hasn’t took part in any bodybuilding championship till now and gave reason that ‘i cannot strict to diet as bodybuilders does’. As of her words she doesn’t takes any strict diets. She loves to eat and practice much to burn calories in her day routine.

Bakhar Nabieva’s Social media

Bakhar has a humongous base of 4 million followers on Instagram. She has around 330 posts(as of august,2023).Bakhar posts her workout , lifestyle, posing and brand promotion videos on her instagram.she also motivates youth and girls for not to care about anyone but for your dreams . She is much popular on social media and has a fan base which listens her.

Bakhar Nabieva Workout routine

Bakhar trains her body on everyday manner routine, her focused areas to work on are back, chest ,legs, shoulders , glutes.she likes to train her legs much by squats. She confronted from her side that she doesn’t like dieting. Her main focus of exercises are mentioned below:

  • bakhar trains her legs by Leg press. This training helps For her hamstrings and key muscles in legs.
  • bakhar do squats for shape of her glutes.  She likes it much. 
  • bakhar do weight lifting exercises too . This takes her upper body pumped and maintains muscles .
  • bench press is her main exercise for chest training. This exercise hits shoulders and chest area. 
  • for her back of the body, she uses lat. Pull down exercise.  This exercise hits back area of body including upper hand muscles.
  • overhead for shoulder are also performed by bakhar. This exercise puts pressure on shoulder by repetition and trains shoulders well. 

Things to learn from Bakhar nabieva

Bakhar started her journey due to bullying in her school.  This anger in her, worked for her in gym. She used her anger for training in gym and shut mouths of all bullying childrens .This story itself tells,  that no matter what kind of distractions you have in your life. Use it in positive way, it will work for you in that way too.  Focus and believe, these two things can make anyone a champion and everything is possible for person who have these things in them.


Who is Bakhar Nabieva?

She is famous Bodybuilder, Fitness Model and Social media star . she is popular on social media for her work out and posts

What is her ethnicity?

Bakhar was born in Azerbaijan but later her  family moved to Ukraine and done her Primary education as well as her graduation degree in Ukraine . So, her ethnicity is Ukrainian. She is currently living in U.S

Did Bakhar participate in Any Bodybuilding Competition?

As heard, she has not taken part in any bodybuilding Competition but She has Participated in Fitness bikini Competition and took 5th place in that competition

Is Bakhar Transgender?

No, due to her muscular body and skin tone some people thinks that . But she is straight.

Bakhar is married or not?

As till August, 2023, it is confirmed that she is Unmarried. She hasn’t revealed much about her personal life

What’s the color of Bakhar’s Eyes?

She has Toned Black Eyes. Sometimes it looks unreal and some people say that she uses eye lances but it’s actually real

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