I’m here to show you how to torch the living hell out of your GLUTES while entertaining the baby 😉!! Improvising to the MAX with this one!!

1️⃣ Bench SL Abduction
Oh yes, that upper glute max subdivision will be on flippin fire after a few sets. You can do this banded above the knees or use a plate on your thigh if you don’t have a baby
2️⃣ Standing SL Hip Hinge
I actually do this with my 4 year old clung to me like a koala bear too lol. I’m sinking deep into my heel as my glutes travel backwards (forward hinge). You’ll feel a nice stretch in your glutes/hamstring as well. I then push my heel through the floor as I begin to reverse the hinge and extend my hip. All the power should come from your hip!
3️⃣ Modified Banded Cha-cha
Thank you @bretcontreras1. If I didn’t have baby, I would be hinged at the hips more with my chest lowered down closer to the floor but… I’m making do!
4️⃣ Lateral Iso Squat Banded Abductions
Both my boys love(d) this one! You should be stepping before the rest of your body travels to get the most out of this exercise.
5️⃣ Seated Banded Abductions
You can also perform this forward leaning, upright and rear leaning
6️⃣ SL Bridges
Push hard through your heel while keeping your shins vertical at the top of the bridge

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