Booty Pumper

The gym will always be my number one choice but some days it’s just easier to bang out a booty session at home where the littles 👦🏻👶🏼 can do alllll the things while I lift 🤪

1️⃣ Seated DB Good Mornings
Helloo hamstrings and booty! You’ll feel a nice stretch in your hamstrings as you lower down. I also call upon the upper glute max 😉

2️⃣ Elevated SL Bridges
I love this for improvising when I don’t have a smith machine. This could also be a great swap for the Smith SL Extended Bridges in my gym based program! I looped my @perillegrade long band around a plate.

3️⃣ Heels Elevated BB Front Squats
I also slapped my @perillegrade fabric band on to recruit more glute medius. I’m focusing on keep my shins as parallel as possible which will force my hips back and use more glutes!

4️⃣ Quadruped Long Band SL Hip Ext
This was a bomb little setup 👌🏼. I’m using my @perillegrade balance pad for extra cushion for my hips. I also have my long band looped around a plate underneath me

5️⃣BB Bridges
Staple exercise in my gym based glute program. Bridges and bench hip thrusts do amazing things for the booty 😉. I’m using my balance pad and @perillegrade bb cuffs

6️⃣ BB Frog Thrusts
Another one straight from my gym based glute program. The soles of my feet are together and placed close to my glutes

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