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A lot easier to achieve when you can actually feel your glutes activating! Developing a strong mind to muscle connection may not come over night, but if you keep testing out different exercises and body positions, eventually you will find the ones that truly resonate with you! Here’s some abduction and hip extension work I’ve been loving lately 👙


1️⃣ Banded Clamshells
Different than my normal clamshells. As I am abducting my top knee, I am pushing my top foot firmly into my bottom foot. It gives me the ability to widen my rom a tiny bit more and I feel my medius/upper subdivision firing harder
2️⃣ Cable Extra Range Abductions
YES, just YES 😭🙌🏼 one hell of a shelf building exercise 🥵. Very easy set up too! My knees are above the pulley so as I abduct it’s a very fluid motion. ankle strap above my knee. Please do yourself a favor and TRY THIS!
3️⃣ GHD Rounded Back Hypers
I’m holding a plate and rounding my back to take my spinal erectors out of the equation and focus more on my glutes
4️⃣Pigeon Pose Glute Pulses
The rom is so small with this movement but holy hell, it’s brutal! Lean into your bent knee and press your hands into the floor so that you can focus on extending your hip and torching your glutes 🥵
5️⃣ Sliders + Band Abductions
 sliders. This was hard to film because little man 👶🏼kept pulling his socks off and waving them around 😆🥰 I added the band so that I am creating resistance as I slide outward

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