Double Duty on the Booty

1️⃣Quadruped Transverse Abduction
Working on that glute shelf. Don’t skimp on the range of motion here. Notice my hip dips before abducting through the floor with my bottom knee. I like using my perillegrade balance pad for extra cushion. Use this as an activation drill or slap a band on to increase the resistance!
2️⃣DB Eccentric Focused Hip Thrust w/ Banded Abduction
This is some real double duty right here! At the top ROM, abduct your knees to create tension in the band. HOLD that tension all the way down to the bottom. I then move into reps where I am holding outward tension on the band through the entire ROM
3️⃣DB Frog Thrust
Slide the band off, look up to the glute gods for some mercy and GO 😭! The soles of my feet are together and I am posterior tilting my hips as I contract my glutes at the top. Lying on the floor instead of using a bench is 👌🏼 too!
4️⃣BB SL Decline Thrust
Straight from my glute program! The bench will help you feel more stable as you place more of the load into your bent leg’s glutes. I was aiming for a 2 second hold at the top with a 2 second lowering phase but I kept getting distracted by those little 👶🏼 leggies 🤦🏼‍♀️
5️⃣Feet-Elevated BB Frog Thrust
Elevated feet increases hip range of motion and decreases quad activation. Your hamstrings may come into play here which is okay as long as you’re focusing on contracting your glutes as hard as you can
6️⃣Extra Range Side Lying Hip Raise
Can be done with or w/o a band. Like quadruped transverse abductions, I want you to focus on abducting through the floor with the bottom knee at the same time your top knee abducts
7️⃣Suicide Hip Thrusts
The name says it all 😭. I have an insane mind to booty connection with this one! I’m driving through my heels and the palms of my hands as I extend my hips and feel EVERY SINGLE bit of the movement in my glutes!
8️⃣Quadruped SL Hip Extension
Using my @perillegrade long band on the @glutebuilder.official
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