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Julia Taylor is the famous Instagram star and world fitness model. she has appeared in many videos. she is know for her beautiful look, cute smile, style and Amazing personality. it is a Macro, Strength and Hypertrophy coach. They say that, Fitness is more than just getting to the gym and workout. It is a life style. she got popular for her act amazing pictures over Instagram. She started career as a model and garnered fame with her Instagram account where she posts picture of her toned figure and along with that she also make a good living with all the paid partnerships with the big brands.

Julia Taylor – Fitness Model


  • Julia Taylor Bio and Wiki, Facts
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Julia Taylor Bio and Wiki, Facts:

Julia Taylor is a fitness model and certified personal trainer from the United States of America. She helps people achieve their dream physiques with her expert advice. she broke into prominence for her amazing looks, cite smile, style and fantastic personality, growing her popularity for her captivating image and videos.

When Julia started training in 2015, she didn’t have as much knowledge or experience as today. Her first few months were all about trial and error. Her Instagram is 378k+ followers. It takes a long time to build deep relationships with audiences, but her friendly nature did it very quickly. She keeps posting her beautiful images on Instagram.

Julia Taylor Age:

Birthday: 1993

Age: 23years old

Julia Taylor Height, Weight, measurements:

Height: 5′ 9” in / 176 cm

Weight: 117 lbs / 53 kg

Hair color: White/Brown

Eye color: Black

Julia Taylor Photo:

Julia Taylor Instagram Photo

Julia Taylor Instagram Profile:

@juliataylorfit= https://instagram.com/juliataylorfit?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

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