Glutes that Salute

hrowing a few Top Shelf Booty exercises at you because who doesn’t love to grab a nice firm chunk of upper glute max/medius muscle 🥴👋🏼 Just sayin…

Let’s build!!

1️⃣ Lateral Leg Lifts
@perillegrade resistance band
PERFECT way to improvise when you are at home with no cable column. To get the most out of this exercise, you’ll want to turn your torso slightly towards the base of the band and internally rotate your working leg’s foot. This will hit the upper sub/medius nicely 🥵

2️⃣SL Kneeling HT’s w/ Plate
Ouf 😓! I like to imagine my extended leg doesn’t even exist so that I can transfer most of the load into my right glutes. I sit my butt back while focusing on lengthening my glutes before I thrust and extend my hips. Another cue I like to use to get my glutes to show up is to imagine there’s a carpet under my knee and I’m trying to pull it towards me (with my knee) as I come into extension
3️⃣ Squat Hold Int/Ext Hip Rotations
Hits the damn spot every single time 🙌🏼! You can also use an ankle cuff if the band bugs you. My hip rotates internally and externally while I hold at the bottom of the squat
4️⃣Hands and Feet Plate HT’s
I’ve also shown this with a barbell that I have labeled “suicide HT’s” in my glute program because it’s so intense! Make sure not to collapse in your shoulders
5️⃣ Straight into Plate Frog Thrusts
The bottoms of my feet are touching and my knees are fairly wide. You’ll need to play around with how together your feet are and opening of your knees to find the sweet spot. Flexibility places a role here
6️⃣ Long Band + KB Side Lying Hip Extensions
Ah 🥵. Adding the KB really forced my medius/upper subdivision to kick in. I’m still sore from this 🙈

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