Glutes workout girls

If you aren’t training them, they’re not going to grow. Simple as that. You want to reach their highest development? Train those cheeks 2-3 times a week!!

1.Side Lying Band Kicks
Straight from my glute program. I’m using my @perillegrade long band to target the lower glute max subdivision. You will also feel this in your medius due to having to hold your leg up.

2.Single Leg Abductions
This works BEAUTIFULLY! So many gyms have abductor machines that do NOT close all the way which makes the range of motion very limited. You basically are only able to work in the end ROM which is 👎🏼. The way I hit the entire ROM is to do this single leg and scoot towards the abductor pad you are going to use! BOOM!! 💃🏻

3.Prone Banded Toe-Taps
Another goodie from my at-home bands program. This works the medius and is so much more challenging than it looks

4.Banded Abduction x Reverse Hyper
Oh, straight death! You can band above the knee, below or at the ankles. I chose the ankles because during the reverse hyper, I am holding constant tension at my ankles which I feel a TON more in my lateral hip

5.Smith Elbows + Knees Hip Extensions
To keep the bar from locking, I loop a band through a small plate and hang it on the latch. You can also use an ankle cuff which I’ve demoed before. My TvA is activated and I am holding this core brace as I breathe, NO breath holding!

6.BB Bridge x Banded Abduction
Always using my perillegrade balance pad to protect my hips and also my fabric band. Your knees should stay above your ankles and hips can PPT or stay neutral at end ROM. I also did heavy sets of just bridges with no abduction.

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