goblet squat good exercise

his was a strong lift for me. Those 100lb Goblet Squats got me goooood. I also had to film 4 sets of them because my camera kept going out of focus 😩 LOL

Heavy Goblet Squats
I like to bring the DB right above my knee to create a nice little table to get myself underneath the db

Heavy Wide Stance Squats
These have been programmed a lot in my leg days because I like the adductor recruitment. Strengthening my adductors has helped me get my lower abdominals (TA’s) to turn on

Atlantis Kneeling Leg Curl
Love this machine because of the quadruped position you’re in. I can simultaneously breathe under a core brace and work my hamstrings- excellent

SL Squat on Squat Machine
Eccentric focused with a little nudge from my back foot to get out of the hole. Hams and glutes were tooooooast

Vertical Leg Press
I try to get my feet as close as I can above my face to recruit the most hamstrings and glutes possible. The further your feet are from above your face, the more quads involved

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