Finally!!! able to start using all my favorite equipment now that kids klub is open again! 😩🙌🏼 Better not jinx it lol If you like using machines on glute day, this one’s for you!!

•Glute Machine Side Kicks
Turn to the side and stand with a soft knee. Push through your heel that is on the pedal as you imagine using your hamstring and medius muscle to do so rather than your quad

•Rotary Hip Machine Kickbacks
I am 5’9 with shoes and have the machine at level 5 high and the padding at notch 3. You want the padding to travel above your knee so adjust accordingly

•Rotary Hip Machine Swinging Abductions
Padding should be below your knee. Keep a soft standing knee as you swing and abduct your leg. Try to keep your pelvis from swinging all over the place (hard to do). Allow your hip to internally rotate as much as you can handle the deep hip rotators stretch

•Glute Focused DB Hypers
Padding should be at pubic bone with your toes turned out. Your back should be rounded as you move into extension. Push your hips into the pad and squeeze those butt cheeks hard! Then ditch the DB and move onto the next exercise

•SL Glute Focused Hypers
Remove one leg and place it behind the padding. This will place more of your bw into the opposite side. I prefer to unrotate my feet and lessen the upper back rounding for this one

•Extra Range DB Abductions
Adding the DB kicks this one up a notch! Place it in the crook of your knee and don’t let it slip out. Your medius and upper sub should be doing all the work. If your knee is sensitive, use my @perillegrade balance pad. I also show the option to keep your hand down to help stabilize

•Step Angled Kickbacks
Using my @perillegrade ankle cuffs + balance pad. My working leg’s foot travels slightly over towards the opposite foot. I am not kicking straight backwards. This is how you’ll feel your glutes doing more of the work than your hamstrings

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