HAMSTRINGS incorporating these 3 exercises!

Other than conventional hamstring curls that really isolate the muscle, I love incorporating these 3 exercises!

They work my hamstrings with some glute and quad engagement.
I’d then finish of with hamstring curls after compound lifts and split squats:

1️⃣SUMO SQUATS (wide stance)
Rotate hips out, squat as deep as poss. (I can’t actually squat deeper than I am in this vid lol, but it works well for me to just hit parallel)

2️⃣RDL’s – always on a hamstring day!

3️⃣SPLIT SQUATS. Long stance for more ham/glute engagement

Wearing my favourite (go to) gym wear! 👌🏼 So comfy, breathable, squat proof & badass tbh LOVE IT!😍😍👌🏼

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