Happy Back & Hips 

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Reposting this feel good MOBILITY and RELEASE session because everyone needs more of this! If your lower/mid back and hips feel locked down, this will help tremendously!

Frog Legs
This will release tight adductors and really get your hips to open up. Sit and breathe before moving into an extended arms position while focusing on keeping your lower back down

Quadruped Mid-Back Rotation
“Thread the Needle”
Ugh 🤤 this feels incredible for your mid-back! Make sure to keep your hips level and do not twist from your lower back

Quadruped Thoracic Rotations
This will really help you get your mid-back moving! Press strong through your serratus (muscles under armpit) as you rotate up towards the ceiling

Quadruped Hip Dips
I do this movement A LOT to release my piriformis. Drop your hips to one side and hold until you feel lengthening

Side Lying Mid-Back Rotations
Here I am focusing on breath work to help release my back. Breathe, 360 inhale, exhale and rotate. Take another 360 inhale and exhale focusing on trying to rotate even further. Make sure your hip isn’t hiked. You can do this by creating space under your side

SL Glute Bridges
Strong glutes help stablize the pelvis. I am activating my TvA and lifting my pelvic floor through all repetitions

Psoas Release
The best release EVER! Especially if you’re picking up and carrying a toddler all day long. Place a towel roll under your glutes. Extend your leg as you contract your glute and really lengthen your leg

Quadruped Serratus Retraction
My right serratus was stuck in extension. Hello 👋🏼 only using my right arm to reach for everything because I carry baby on my left hip 🙆🏻‍♀️. Imagine sinking into your shoulder blades and hold. I also like to do a few serratus presses

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