This routine requires very little equipment and not a lot of space! A few of these are staple exercises from my at-home glute program 😜

1️⃣Long Band Kickbacks
I looped my @perillegrade long band around the leg of my couch. As I kickback, my hip slightly externally rotates to better engage my glutes. Without doing so, my hamstrings always take over the movement.

2️⃣Quadruped Decline Kickbacks
Using @glutebuilder.official Box. I have my long band placed underneath the box. As I kick, my hip slightly externally rotates. I also am not kicking straight back, if I allow my knee to travel slightly off to the side, I have pretty amazing gluteal contractions

3️⃣Couch Reverse Bent-Knee Hypers
So many variations to this I want to demo! I was using only my BW and performing each set till failure. I like using the corner of the arm rest because I have a lot more pelvic support rather than breaking at my hips

4️⃣Squatting Zigzag Band Abductions
Just brutal when I add holding my baby to this! Notice I am pivoting as I step and abduct

5️⃣Feet Banded Lateral Steps
Place the band around the arches of your feet. The further the band is away from your hips, the more challenging

6️⃣Long Band Deep Hip Int/Ext Rotations
I looped my @perillegrade long band around the foot of my couch and placed the band INSIDE my ankle cuff (I’m not using the rings). Keep your hips as stable as possible as you internally and externally rotate your hip

7️⃣Eccentric Abduction Focused DB HT
Abduct your knees, creating as much tension in the band as possible, on the lowering phase of the hip thrust

8️⃣Iso Hold Banded Abductions
Hold at the top of the thrust and abduct your knees

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