Home Release + Abs

Here’s some things to get your body feeling good! I’m specifically targeting hip flexors (we all really need it!), shoulders/chest and topping it off with a sweet little deep core and pelvic floor burner!

🔘Skin Rolling
I suggest this to be done at home 🥴. Painful AF but a fantastic way to get the fascia moving and gliding which can help the muscles relax and function better. Here I am doing my TFL’s (hip flexors) all the way up to my ribs. I also like to do my glutes, ribs and back. Cupping and dragging works really well too!

🔘Foam Rolling TFL’s
Previously I showed a pulling release to help my hip flexors let go and now I’m doing the opposite where I am pressing/rolling. I also rolled my entire body

🔘Extra Range Psoas Release
I’m using a foam roller to get a pinch deeper into this deep hip flexor muscle release. I want you to think about lengthening from your extended leg all the way up to the top of your head as if someone is pulling on the back of your hair

🔘Angel Wing Slides
Shoot! Every mother who is feeding or carrying babies all day long needs to do this. Great for opening chest and shoulders. You can see from this video how much time my shoulders spend in internal rotation and how tight my pec minor is from lifting the baby all day. You can also do this on the floor which didn’t work out so well for me lol

🔘Decline Arrow Leg Lift w/ Ball Compression
Deep abs and pelvic floor working hard here! Inhale, relax core + PF while leg lowers down. Exhale, engage deep abs + lift PF as you lift your leg and compress the ball

Always finishing with @legion Whey+ Protein and Recharge Creatine! Birthday cake flavor is my fav! Linked in my BIO.
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