home workouts when you

1️⃣TRX Ham Curls
My TvA is activated before I curl and I’m breathing under my brace. You’ll notice me check my tummy for any mismanaged IAP (the joys of being split down the middle from growing babies 🥴). Notice my hips travel along for the ride and don’t just hang while my feet curl under me

2️⃣ Zercher Squats
Using my @perillegrade BB Cuffs
Great for home workouts when you don’t have a squat rack. I put the BB on my bbq island and loaded the plates before getting into position 👌🏼

3️⃣ Split Hamstring Glides w/ BB
Eccentric focused AF. I like to think I’m decently flexible but boy, this pushes my hams to their threshold 😅.

4️⃣ Split Stance Plate Rotations
New favorite! Should have filmed more angles b/c a lot to cue 🙆🏻‍♀️. My left hip is rotating in towards my right hip as I lower down. This transfers majority of the load into my right leg/hip. You will have to fight collapsing onto the outside of your front foot

5️⃣ Squat x Standing Twist
Getting my RA (rectus abdominis) on board with these! My elbow and knee travel towards each other. Go as fast as you like 😈

Always finishing with the best supps on the market 😉 @legion. I add salted caramel Whey+ Protein to my oatmeal and wash it all down with Recharge Creatine strawberry lemonade flavor! All linked in my BIO

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