houlder +Upper/Mid Back Mobility

I need to work on my rounded shoulders posture and lack of upper/mid back mobility from picking up/carrying a toddler plus nursing. A lot of you can benefit from these exercises as most of us are also in a rounded forward position- driving, sitting at a computer, looking at your phone right now 😉 told yah 👇🏼

Foam Roller Armpit Release
This can help with shoulder mobility. Place the FR under your armpit. Place your elbow on top of the FR and reach upwards. You may find some tigger spots (serratus and lats) so hold until you feel a good release. Roll up and down as well as lean forward and backwards

Hands + Knees Mid Back Rotations
Adding the FR from the last video I demoed this. By squeezing the FR between your knees, you will create more stability to keep from rotating from your lower back. You will also feel your serratus turn on by pressing into the floor

Upper Thoracic Mobilization
Place your hands together and elbows on the chair. Let your head drop into a comfortable relaxed position

Mid Thoracic Mobilization
Place the FR at your bra line with your hands behind your head to support your neck. Inhale downward into your back and then exhale as you sink into the roller and stretch back. Roll and repeat

Eagle Arms on FR
Cross one arm over the other with your palms facing each other. Keep your shoulders down and reach away and up towards the ceiling. Breathe into the roller and hold on any trigger spots (rhomboids)

Overhead FR Press w/ Alternating Leg Extension
This is humbling as hell and will have your deep core shaking! Deep inhale, press your hands into the FR (watch flaring ribs from overhead reach) and exhale activating the deep core system as you alternate extending each leg. Second vid is a regression if you can’t keep ribs down. Reach long through your pinky’s and press bra line into the ground

Child’s Pose Lower Trap Reach

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