Insaneee Quads & Calves Workout

Leg Press: (Warm up) 2×20

-Leg Press: (Feet Straight) 1×100. Do 10 reps, rack the weight & rest 3 seconds and then repeat.

-Partial Leg Press: 2×30 (15 half reps, 15 full reps= 1 set)

-BB Squat (close stance) 5×15 slow and controlled

-Leg Extension (triple drop set heavy to light): 3×20. Start heavy. Do 20reps.. drop weight.. 20reps – drop weight. 20 reps. = 1 set.

-Leg Extension (triple drop set light to heavy): 3×20. Start light. Do 20reps.. increase weight.. 20reps – increase weight. 20 reps. = 1 set.

-DB Front Squat: 4×15 (squeeze quad at top)

-Seated Calf Raise: 6×20

-Standing Calf Raise: 5×20

Try this out and let me know if you can walk the next day because I couldn’t🤣

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