Jordynne Grace Bodybuilder Age Biography

Hello, you are going to read about a professional bodybuilder, powerlifter and also a wrestler. She looks like a muscle monster when she comes on the stage. Yes, we are talking about a female professional bodybuilder, wrestler or powerlifter who is known in all over fitness industry because of her muscular body which is maintained by her dedication and hard-work. So, without wasting more time let’s start reading about her lifestyle and biography.

Biography of Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace is an American bodybuilder who was born on 5th of March in 1996. Jordynne Grace is not her real name, this name is basically used in the wrestling ring, her real name is Particia Forrest Gresham. Jordynne is well known for her fast knockouts in wrestling Jordynne Grace’s WWE journey is not started yet, currently she is participating in WWR (Women Wrestling Revolution) championships only. If we talk about Jordynn Grace’s powerlifting journey then she has done best of 150kg squats, 95kg bench press and 161kg in deadlift in women category. After getting professional in wrestling and powerlifting, Jordynne Grace decided to become a professional in bodybuilding. Currently she is influencing people on social media with her bodybuilding and passion about fitness

Boyfriend or Relationship status of Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace currently at the age of 27, when Jordynne Grace was in her age of 22, she decided to engage with a professional wrestler. She had announced her engagement in 2018 with Jonathan Gresham, then after two years in 2020 she got married to him.

Name  Particia Forrest Gresham
Ring name  Jordynne Grace
Profession  Wrestler, Powerlifter and Bodybuilder
Birthday  5 March 1996
Birthplace  America
Relationships  Married
Net-worth3 million US dollars (estimated)  
Height5 Feet 3 inches  
WeightAround 70kg  
BoyfriendJonathan Gresham  

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Physical Measurements of Jordynn Grace

Jordynne Grace looks totally aesthetic according to her body structure, as she is a professional wrestler, she has a bulky body structure. Jordynn Grace’s height is about 5 Feet 3 inches and weight remains around 70kg

Social Media accounts of Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace is going to be the upcoming star in the fitness industry, she is gaining fame very fast on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Jordynne Grace has about 306k followers on her Instagram account. You can also find of lots of wrestling videos on popular wrestling YouTube channels.

Workout Plans followed by Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace follows intense workout plan including heavy weights as being a professional wrestler and powerlifter. Jordynne Grace works out in gym for about 6 days in a week. She loves doing lots of cardio and stretching before any workout or powerlifting session

Diet Plan of Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace eats lots of protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals from her diet. Jordynne eats lots of calories to get enough energy for her powerlifting and cardio sessions. As we told you Jordynne Grace lots of calories for her powerlifting sessions, but when she needs to loss weight to get best of her bodybuilding body-shape she strictly follows keto diet plan.

FAQ :-

Who is Jordynne Grace?

Jordynne Grace is professional wrestler, powerlifter and bodybuilder in the female category.

What is Age, date of birth and birthplace of Jordynn Grace?

Jordynne Grace was born on 5 March 1996 in United States of America. Jordynne Grace’s age is about 27 years.

What is primary source of income of Jordynne Grace and how much is her Net-worth?

The net-worth of Jordynn Grace is around 3 million US Dollars and the primary source of her income is wrestling and powerlifting, instead of these she also sponsors supplement brands on social media.

How much is the height of Jordynne Grace?

Jordynne Grace’s height is about 5 feet 3 inches.

How much is Jordynne Grace’s weight?

Jordynne Grace’s weight remains around 70kg.

Who is boyfriend of Jordynne Grace?

Jonathan Gresham is husband of Jordynne Grace, she got married in the year 2020, Jonathan is also a professional wrestler. Jordynn got engaged with Jonathan in the year 2018.


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