Kaitlyn Vera Age Height Weight Biography

Well, more than one female bodybuilder is emerging in the world. Who is earning a good name in bodybuilding? Today we are going to tell you about one such female bodybuilder. This female will earn a good name in the future, so look at the body of this Hulk female bodybuilder! So what thought came to your mind after seeing these, please tell us by commenting.

Kaitlyn Vera Biography

Kaitlyn Vera is a resident of California. Kaitlyn Vera was born on July 20 1986. Kaitlyn Vera’s height is 5 feet 7 inches. Her weight is around 78 kg.

NameKaitlyn Vera
ProfessionBodybuilder Athletes
Year of birthJuly 20 1990
Age as of 202434
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight171 lbs/78kg

Kaitlyn Vera Fitness Journey

Kaitlyn Vera is also known by the name Hardcore Kaitlyn in California and on social media worldwide. Kaitlyn Vera also completed her schooling in California. Currently, Kaitlyn Vera lives in Nevada

Kaitlyn is a professional female bodybuilder and a professional fitness model. Kaitlyn Vera has played in many fitness modeling and bodybuilding competitions worldwide and has also won many good titles. In today’s time, Kaitlyn Vera is famous all over the world for her fitness and muscular. She is known for her body. Along with her female bodybuilding, Kaitlyn Vera also works as a gym trainer.

Many fitness supplement brands also sponsor Kaitlyn Vera. But to achieve this position, Kaitlyn Vera had to work very hard in her fitness career. Kaitlyn Vera earned such a good name in the fitness industry today with the help of her coach. Along with this, to keep herself motivated, Kaitlyn Vera also followed many big female bodybuilders.

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