Lying Leg Press

Working really hard to build a new physique while also holding space for the respect and grace it deserves for having a second baby 14 months ago and still nursing on demand 😅
One day at a time 🙏🏻 Let’s go, ladies!!

1• Side Lying Leg Press
Vid sped up. Slow and controlled while focusing on using the lower subdivision and ham. My knee travels towards my shoulder

2• Wide Leg Press
I have my feet placed wide and high to recruit more adductors and hamstrings. Be mindful of your core and do not bear down on your pelvic floor

3• Plate Sissy Squat
I’m using a 35lb plate to increase the load. I have my TA’s engaged and held through all reps. Sit that butt back and really feel your glutes, hams and quads work

4• Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat
This just scorches my hips, glutes and hams every single time! So good!! My TvA is activated and pf is lifted for all reps

5• GHD
If you are newly postpartum or are unable to regulate your IAP please be very mindful of your core. This movement is pretty loaded. I activated my deep core and was breathing under the brace through all reps. If I felt my TvA engagement start to slip, I stopped, reset and finished out my reps.

6• SA DB Wide Squat
I love the single arm hold because it works the hell out of my core. I like to keep my shins vertical and butt back

7• DA DB Wide Squat
Staple in my leg sessions. I love the adductor and gluteal recruitment

8• Adductor Machine
Like watching paint dry 😏lol but I’m including this video because I see way too many people allowing their TFL’s to take over the movement. I am not itching myself 🤣 I’m pressing into my hip flexors to make sure they are nice and squishy and not trying to do the work. This is a great way to tell your hip flexors to calm down/relax

9• Pigeon Glute Pulses
I’ve been loving this as a finishing exercise. My glutes are crying by the time I almost complete my last set. Focus on lifting your knee off the floor and contracting your glutes as you create little pulses

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