Overloading ABS 

Kicking my deep core + PF training up a notch by using my breathing trainer! Using a breathing trainer or balloons are a great way to progressively overload your #abs by creating additional pressure as you exhale. SUCH GOOD STUFF!
You should NOT ❌ be bearing down on your pelvic floor when performing these abdominal contractions!

1️⃣Quadruped Cross Body Pull
I’m kneeling on a squishy ball and pulling using my @perillegrade long resistance band. You can do this multiple ways. I’m inhaling and relaxing on the arm and leg extension and exhaling and engaging my TA’s and pf on the crunch. I also have performed this by inhaling and relaxing and then exhaling and engaging my TA’s and holding this engagement for all repetitions. This would be considered breathing under a brace which is really difficult especially when using a breathing trainer

2️⃣Anti-Rotation Glute Bridge
Inhale, 360 breath as you relax core + pf. Exhale, contract TA’s and lift pf as you raise your hips up into a bridge. Be sure to press your hands up hight to recruit the serratus (muscles under your armpits). You will feel the band trying to pull you into rotation but your job is to resist through all reps

3️⃣Anti-Rotation Glute Bridge Modification
If holding your arms straight is too challenging, you can regress by keeping your arms bent and closer to your body

4️⃣Glute Bridge SA Band Pull
Inhale, 360 breath as you relax core + pf. Exhale, contract TA’s and lift pf as you raise your hips up into a bridge and pull the band across your body. Be sure to perform on both sides

5️⃣Supine Band Pull Alt SL Ext
I am creating resistance in the band above my head as I exhale, contract my TA’s + lift my pf and HOLD through alternating leg extensions. Make sure to get a nice good inhale down with good rib expansion before exhaling and holding the core contraction & pf lift. @perillegrade pink balance pad

6️⃣ Continued in comments

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