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Hi, this article is all about a 2015 IFBB PRO card winner which means he is a professional IFBB. He is not only a body-builder, he is a champion in the fitness category and a celebrity among fitness freaks through social media. Let’s start firstly reading about his life and bodybuilding journey

Biography of Petar Klancir

Petar Klancir was 33 years old and born on 7 April 1990 in Croatia. He is a professional IFBB bodybuilder. The fitness journey of Petar Klancir started when he was just 11 years old and was in his school days, he used to play outdoor games in his school days. And Petar was the only child who could lift 100kg of weight at the age of 11 in his school.

When Petar Klancir was in college, he decided to become a professional bodybuilder and build his career in bodybuilding. He started preparing himself for professional bodybuilding, he joined a gym and worked really hard for years in the gym and then he participated in his first professional bodybuilding competition in 2010. The 2012 NABBA Mr. Universe competition it was his first time getting first place in a bodybuilding competition. Then in 2015 he got his IFBB PRO card and became a celebrity in the fitness industry.

Social Media of Petar Klancir

Petar Klancir is gaining fame day by day on various social media platforms. He uploads reels and posts about workouts and bodybuilding guidance to motivate his followers on Instagram. also provides online coaching or training plans through his Instagram and Facebook accounts. is also running a domain just for online training and coaching plans. Petar Klancir’s Facebook account is more famous than his Instagram account, it has around 331k followers on his Facebook account and 164k followers on his Instagram account.

Girlfriend and Relationships of Petar Klancir

Petar Klancir is living a happy married life with his wife Jelena Klancir who is a fitness instructor. They too have a girl child with whom they live a happy life.

Full NamePetar Klancir  
ProfessionIFBB PRO bodybuilder  
Date of Birth7 April 1990  
Height5 feet 11 inches  
WeightAround 122kg  
Bicep Size23 inches  
WifeJelena klancir  
Net-worth1 million US Dollars  

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Physical Measurements of Petar Klancir

Petar Klancir has a muscular body structure as a professional bodybuilder. His height which is about 5 feet 11 inches makes him look more attractive with that much muscle mass. If we talk about his muscle mass, his full body weight is around 122kg that is very huge but makes him look more muscular and attractive.

Net-worth of Petar Klancir

Petar Klancir has lots of earning sources bodybuilding is the primary source of income but it is not the only source of income. Petar earns from online fitness coaching and by providing gym training. He also sponsors a few fitness or supplement brands on his social media accounts.

Workout Routine of Petar Klancir

Petar Klancir 4 to 5 hours of workout in a day and 6 days in a week. He frequently changes his workout plans and follows it strictly. Petar Klancir is very passionate about doing workouts by lifting heavy weights on bars and machines. has also suffered from leg injury due to his car accident but he recovered from his injury very fast with the advice of a coach and dietitian.

Diet Plan of Petar klancir

Petar Klancir consumes large amount of calories and protein, if we tell you about the protein intake of Petar Klancir it is more than 400g in a single day and the calory count is more than 10k in a single day. eats lots of eggs, vegies and oats in his diet, he also consumes shakes and whey proteins in his meals. also includes a few supplements like vitamin tablets, glutamine, creatine and pre-workouts in his diet plan to enhance his bodybuilding performance.


Who is Petar Klancir?

Petar Klancir is an IFBB PRO bodybuilder.

What is age of Petar Klancir?

Petar Klancir’s age is about 33 years old

What is the height of Petar Klancir?

Petar Klancir’s height is about 5 feet 11 inches.

What is the weight of Petar Klancir?

Petar Klancir’s weight is around 122kg.

What is the net worth of Petar Klancir?

The worth of Petar Klancir is about 1 million US Dollars

How many followers are on Petar Klancir’s Facebook account?

Petar Klancir’s Facebook followers are around 331k.

Petar Klancir’s Instagram Followers?


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