Pistol Squats Workout

Starting the new year off with intensity 🔥
Pretty sure it took about 100 total squats to film this for you but who’s counting 🤷🏼‍♀️😜 Here we go with some variations you can practice!!

1️⃣Pistol Squat w/ Wall Assistance
The wall is a great way to lessen the load by pulling yourself up. As you get stronger, let go of the wall and extend your arm laterally. Sometimes when I get stuck in the hole, I’ll press my foot into my hand. This also takes some flexibility in your hamstrings

2️⃣Elevated Pistol
Standing on a step/risers actually makes this less difficult by allowing your leg to hang (less hip flexor). I would say the level of difficulty is moderate

3️⃣Elevated Pistol w/ BB
Death, just straight death 🥵. Your glutes, hamstrings, quads AND core from the frontal hold will be pushed to your threshold. Absolutely a phenomenal exercise to master

4️⃣SL Sit Squats
Practice this exercise before attempting a pistol squat. I honestly was a little wild with my control (juggling two babies up and down the stairs 🤪) but try to lower down with as much control as possible. Scroll back through my aIg as I have posted this exercise with a bb before

5️⃣TRX Assisted Pistol
This is so awesome for learning how to pistol unassisted. Use the trx to pull yourself up. As you progress, pull with your arms less and less until you don’t need the trx

6️⃣Wall Ball Squat
This is also great if you have weak hip flexors and can’t hold your leg up when learning how to pistol

7️⃣ Super quick stretching/movement flow before squatting 🙌🏼

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