quads and glutes workots

ust wear the damn shorts!
I’m a nursing mama and hold majority of my extra weight in my adductors and glute ham tie-in area when producing milk. I have extra cellulite and my thighs currently rub but I LIKE to wear shorts, when it’s hot out, so screw the cellulite and I’m wearing the damn shorts 😉!!

SL focused BB Front Squats
I’ve transferred more of my bw into my planted foot’s leg by coming up on my toes and leaning slightly over into my opposite leg. I REALLY like this variation and think your hams, quads and glutes will love it too

Goblet Static Lateral Lunges
Always included in my leg session and keeps my mobility in check. Today my hips felt like externally rotating as I transferred the load from side to side. Remember to keep good core engagement by activating your deep abs

DROP the 25lb DB and immediately add in some thoracic rotation lunges 😫🙌🏼!! Gotta do whatever it takes to build a nice shelf for the glutes to sit on 😉. I’ve also learned through my CES training that I need to do A LOT more thoracic work to keep my core healthy

Side Plank Elevated Abductions
SO much going on that you can’t see! This will help your lower TA’s fire with a nice recruitment of the pelvic floor. Breath through your “wrapped core” as you perform mini bottom leg adductions

25lb DB Ball Ham Curls
Not going to lie, this buuuuuurned my hamstrings and I was this close 👌🏼 to saying “screw this” 😂🙆🏻‍♀️

SL Ball Ham Curls SS. Double Ham Curls
My hips raise as I curl the ball underneath me. Don’t be a cheater and let the butt hang down through all reps ☺️

Seated DB Calf Raises
I did fast jumping jack squats to work on my pelvic floor endurance before this exercise and then sat down to do these calf raises

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