Raw leg session

A glimpse into a raw training session. No planned filming attire just my usual grab and go comfy training clothing. I ditched my Sony A7iii for my iPhone camera today and didn’t bother filming in appropriate IG lighting spaces. Hoping a few of you ladies will appreciate this kind of realness 🙃

Oh, AND, I wasn’t the slightest pumped to train legs buuuut guess what, this is life and there’s a ton of things I don’t feel like doing everyday but must do to achieve my goals.

If you want something bad enough, you’ll do whatever the F it takes to obtain it! This has been me from a verrry young age, bless my mom’s heart lol but also mine because karma is a b**** and now I’m raising two little strong-willed boys 😝

Pro tip 🔑
I ALWAYS begin my leg day with hamstrings or adductors because I need those muscle groups to immediately turn on and power me through my lift. I have the most energy/strength at the beginning of my session so I make sure to go HAM 😉 on them first

Strengthening adductors will help turn on your lower abs (transverse abdominis).
Strengthening hamstrings can help correct your posture and pull you out of an APT (anterior pelvic tilt). Also creates a nice shelf for the BOOTY to sit

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