Regan grimes Bodybuilder Age biography

Regan grimes is a professional bodybuilder from Canada. He is a IFBB pro bodybuilder as well as a enterpreneur and a social media star also. Regan started training at a very young age and his reason for training in gym changes from time to time. He is a taugh competitor and an inspiration for many other fitness freaks. He has his own clothing brand and collabs with many fitness programs. In this article we are going to share his bio, height, weight, personal life, wiki etc.

Regan grimes biography

As we have mentioned earlier Regan started working out at the age of 17. He joined the gym to getting strong for his motorcross races. But his amazing genetics and his body growth changed up his mind totally and he decided to take bodybuilding as a career. After several years of lifting he became obsessed with it and started preparing for bigger competitions. Regan revealed that he knows nothing about bodybuilding and diet. He uses a app for workout in his initial days. Regan’s first stage performance was at the age of 18. Regan was married to Victoria D’ Ariano and divorced for some particular reasons.

Regan grimes personal stats

Date of birth26 June 1993
ProfessionProfessional bodybuilder, Enterpreneur
Relationship status Divorced
SpouseVictoria D’ Ariano

Regan grimes physical stats/appearance

Weight93-102kg (215-225lbs)
Height5ft.11inch (180cm)
Arms size18 inch
Chest size50 inch
Waist size31 inch
Thighs size28 inch
Calves size18 inch

Regan grimes competitions

Since the starting of his bodybuilding journey Regan has participated in many competitions and leave his impact with his great physique. Regan started his career from Men’s open divison. But now he only plays open competitions.

Here a list of Regan grimes competitions :


  • Ultimate Fitness Events Bodybuilding Contest (UFE).
  • Middle Weight Men’s Bodybuilding -1st Place.

(Amateur career)


  • Ontario Provincials.
  • Open Men’s Heavyweight – 2nd Palce
  • Mississauga luchka O’ Brein Classic
  • Junior Bodybuilding.
  • Men’s Bodybuilding Heavyweight and overall 1st Place.
    • Junior Heavyweight – 2nd Place.

(Professional career)


  • Vancouver Pro, IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding – 2nd Place.
    • Wings of Strength Chicago Pro, IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding – 5th Place.
    • Tampo Pro, IFBB Men’s Open Bodybuilding – 5th Place.


  • New York Pro Men’s Classic Physique – 1st Place
    • Olympia Classic Physique – 8th Place


  • Japan Pro Men’s Bodybuilding – 3rd Place.
  • Romania Muscle Fest Pro Men’s Bodybuilding – 3rd Place.


  • Europa Pro – 4th Place.
  • British Grand Prix Pro – 2nd Place.


  • Mr.Olympia bodybuilding – 15th Place.
  • Prague Pro – 3rd Place.
  • Egypt Pro – 1st Place.

However Regan grimes and his coach Milos Sarcev made a official announcement in a show that Regan is stepping back from Mr. Olympia 2022 and take a year off in order to gain 15 pounds of mass. Hopefully his fan’s will see a beast version of Regan.

Regan grimes traning

Regan loves to hit heavy weight. He loves to have big pumps. He said this is the vest part of his training. Reagan’s training splits changes from time to time which he shares in his youtube channel. His training regime includes couple of compound exercise to increase strength. Regan also uses heavy to low weight in training for muscle hypertrophy.

Regan grimes diet

To make his Physique look more impressive each and every time Regan has to follow different types of diet based on his need. Regan has a clear prospective towards gaining and leaning. He said, ” It’s difficult for natural bodybuilders to stay lean while putting muscle mass. He said it’s normal to gain extra weight while bulking to see some serious results.”

Here’s a list of Regan’s diet :

While Muscle growth : lean turkey beast, White rice, fruits, Cheat meal, Beef, Pasta, Chicken, Pancakes , Vegetables.

While shredding : Chicken, Eggs, Spinach, Blueberry, Oats, Salmon fish, Rice cakes, Rice in limited quantity.

While preparing for competition : Special types of diet including white fish, banana, chicken and rice meal 2-3 times a day, Brown beans, Salmon fish.

Regan grimes inspiration

Regan life’s has a biggest influence of Antonie Villiant. Regan took inspiration from his video and workout routines.

Regan Grimes social media

Regan grimes has a very huge fan base on different social media platforms. He has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram and has 310K subscribers on YouTube. Regan does many brand collaborations and also promotional post on Instagram. Regan regularly shares his workout videos, diet plans and about competitions on his YouTube channel.

Regan grimes has taught us to do what our inner will says to us and also to stay consistent. He also taught us to learn at every phase of life despite of how great are you.

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