Smith Machine Scorcher

Super solid smith only routine! Quick & easy setup and cleanup especially when you have glutes to build and kids to care for 🏃🏻‍♀️ 😜

🔘Ankle cuff Pro Tip!
Here’s how I use my @perillegrade ankle cuff to stop the bar from latching in the middle of my set 😩🙌🏼. This will save you a ton of frustration lol

🔘Smith SL Hip Extension
@perillegrade Pink Balance Pad
I always prefer to be down on my elbows. I feel more stable and therefore am able to focus more on driving through my heel to recruit my glutes. Remember to engage your deep core muscles (TVA) and breathe under the brace

🔘Option #2 Use a Bench
I love this for so many reasons! It provides more stability and also allows for good breathing into your back with the bench pressing into your stomach. Better breathing the stronger you’ll be

🔘Smith Machine Hip Thrusts
Slide your hips under the bar and position the bench so it hits directly under your scapula. Pp mamas who are still healing, please be minding of ballooning of your abs when thrusting

🔘Extra Range Bridge x Abductions
Harder than this looks! Make sure you’re pressing out HARD into the band when lowering down and lengthening the glutes 😮‍💨. Go as deep as those hips can handle. If you feel pain/impingement in your hips, perform the iliacus pull-backs I’ve shown a few slides back

🔘Smith Frog Thrusts
Flip your body so the bar moves towards you as you thrust if you’re using an angled smith. Feet together and pulled close to your glutes

🔘Feet Together Bridges
I LOVE this to get the lower abs turned on! The key is to squeeze your thighs together and lift your pelvic floor as you raise your hips up. Squeezing your thighs will help turn your adductors on which will also turn your lower abs on.

🔘Banded Hip Internal Rotations
Very underestimated exercise! If you want a strong external rotation/abduction, you’ll need to also work on having a strong internal rotation

Always finishing with @legion Whey+ Protein and Recharge Creatine! Birthday cake flavor is my fav! Linked in my BIO.
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