Straight Work butt workout,

This was pretty brutal to be completely honest lol. My hamstrings, butt cheeks and quads were destroyed in the very best way. I reallllly think you ladies are going to love this routine

Do you want more unedited vids like this? I’m diggin it?

Gnarly, which you can absolutely tell by my facial expressions lol. It wasn’t until recently that I felt comfortable going this heavy post baby2. My core is BRACED and I am BREATHING under this deep core brace. I like holding a bench for more stability because this kind of weight can be tricky to control

I have a supine grip hold on the DB. My last few sessions I’ve been using this hold and wow, I just really love it. I should have a bit more control on the way down but I definitely was trying my best. More time and more practice, I’ll get it

3- Banded Good Mernin’s
I got deeeeep into this. So deep my hams were screaming and shaking lol. I’m pressing outward into the band to get that glute med a pinch on board with the eccentric phase. Playing this back, my neck could have been a bit more in-line with my body (I felt zero neck pain/straining though)

4- DB Sumo Squats
You ladies have been asking for a front view for feet positioning so here are a few reps! I have a supine grip again. Press outward into your heels to get booty checks in the movement

5- Lateral Lunges
Staple on my leg days. I want to work the muscles on the outside of my hip. I try to keep a more vertical shin to be more hip and glute focused

6- Staggered Stance Squats
The rear leg should only be doing about 20% of the work. Think of it more like a kickstand for stability

7- Adductor Machine
How many of you feel like your hip flexors (TFL) take over this exercise? If you don’t know, next time press your fingers into the front of your hips and see if they are soft and squishy- that’s the goal. We want adductors doing the work and TFL’s to take a backseat

8- Seated Calf Machine- not recorded

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