strong perky booty then follow my lead ⬇️
1️⃣ BB Hip Thrust

Another beat down for the books! I put these glutes through a torturous session because they deserve it! If you want a strong perky booty then follow my lead ⬇️
1️⃣ BB Hip Thrust
I am using 5 steps & 1 riser. I also prefer to have a mat for my back because the riser digs a bit. Balance pad on my hips @perillegrade
2️⃣ BB Glute Bridge
I have my shoulders touching the edge of the floor pad so I don’t have to keep adjusting myself from sliding upwards after a few reps. I also am driving hard through my heels as I thrust!
3️⃣ BB Frog Thrust
Thank you @bretcontreras1 for this killer!! I roll the barbell onto my hips and lay down before pulling my heels in as close to my glutes as possible.
4️⃣ Seated Banded Abductions
I performed this as a superset and started with my feet planted and then immediately went into a transverse abduction.
5️⃣ DB Glute Bridge
Straight from my Glute Program @brittanyperillev2. Don’t forget to use your padding to protect your hips!
6️⃣ DB Frog Thrust
This exercise is setup the same as the BB Frog Thrust but I am using a DB instead. Make it your goal to thrust the heaviest DB your gym has!
7️⃣ DB Glute Focused Back Extension
The padding hits below my pelvic bone and feet are turned outward. I am thrusting my hips into the pad and squeezing my glutes. I like to come up higher than the traditional rounded back back extension that has a much shorter ROM. I then drop the DB and perform body weight reps!
8️⃣ Glute Machine Side Press

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