1st picture is me facing the sun
-2nd picture (swipe) is me with the sun behind me…
Did my body composition change within the 10 second shift of turning myself and the camera in the opposite way? NO… so what change? Just the lighting.

Lighting plays a huge role in how you appear.
Of course as we know with light comes shadows; some good some bad.
I look leaner in the first photo because the light is facing me, it allows shadows and creates more depth making me appear very lean, the same as if the light was from certain side angles.
But the moment I face the other way, the shadows are gone and i look *soft*

Remember this when you’re comparing yourself to someone else or even a “good” picture vs “bad” picture of yourself. Or perhaps when looking in the mirror and you appear to have cellulite and yet other mirrors your skin appears perfect.

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