These exercises are excellent for loading your deepest ab muscles,

the transverse abdominals✨. Your TA’s are responsible for flattening your stomach which is why they can be referred to as your “corset muscles”.

DrA safe? My answer will always be MAYBE. There is no definitive list of “safe” and “unsafe” exercises for everyone because it depends on how YOUR linea alba loads under pressure. So much more on this but I’ll save it for my @restoreyourcorepf program

1️⃣ Decline Cable Pull x SL Lift
Notice as I exhale I am activating my TvA from the bottom up. Imagine as though you are using an ice cream 🍦 scooper to contract the lower middle and upper segments of your TvA.

2️⃣ Decline Double Leg Extension
Foam Roller will be placed above the line of your tailbone. Engage your TvA and breathe under this brace as you extend both of your legs.

3️⃣ Pallof Rotations
This will help connect your IO’s and EO’s. This is a very small ROM. As you rotate from your midback, imagine as though your right rib EO and left pelvic bone IO are sliding together and connecting.

4️⃣ SL Bridge x Cable Cross Body Pull
Position your feet so your shins are vertical at the top of the bridge. Engage your TvA (and PF if it’s appropriate for you) before moving into the bridge and pulling the cable towards your opposite leg. Do not shove the small of your back into the floor. A better cue would be to check if your pubic bone and front of your pelvic bones (ASIS) are level creating a neutral spine.

5️⃣ Cable Resisted Hollow Body Holds
This is a highly loaded movement and can go wrong very very quickly. I have to work extremely hard to connect my mind to my EO to keep my rib flare controlled. Inhale relax, exhale engage Tva (optional PF) before raising your head and lifting one leg at a time. I suggest beginning with the head lift first and then progressing on with the legs

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