This was so killer for a cable machine only workout

Extra Range Hip Abduction
@perillegrade ankle cuff is placed above my knee as BOTH knees abduct. Don’t forget about that bottom hip abduction. Imagine the bench is HOT and you’re trying to lift (abduct) the side of your leg off of it.

•Decline SL Bridge
I set this up with a step, risers and a plate. I like the plate because I can drive through my heel without it slipping. You have the option to make fists or bend your elbows and push them into the floor as you contract your glutes and thrust your hips. This mini inversion could be really great if your working through prolapse.

•Quadruped Hip Extension
I’m using the bench to create more stability, turn off paraspinals and extend my hip using my glutes and NOT my hamstrings

•SL Hip Hinge (Glute Drive)
As I hinge, my glutes will lengthen before extending my hip and contracting. Go as slow as you need to in the lengthening phase

•Side Lying Kickback
I like to play around with the leg extension a bit. Some days I feel better connected with more of a scooping motion and others with more of a stomping motion. I have my glute program ladies doing a more rigid flexion and extension

Whey+ Protein and Recharge Creatine are linked in my bio @legion. Blue Raz and Salted Caramel are my favorite flavors!

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