transformationTuesday wagon as it’s been a while lol! 🤓

 After recent IG stories and your reactions to them I figured I’d jump on the #transformationTuesday wagon as it’s been a while lol! 🤓

This is not a post about aiming for a particular physique as we all have our preferences. (So please do not comment on which look is better 🙏🏼)

⭐️ I’m posting this to show :

A) You can start later in life with no sport/fitness background (I started at 34- I’m 40 this August)

B) If you really work hard, consistently you can COMPLETELY change your body composition (took me only 6months to lose 50% of my body fat and gain a shed load of muscle through purely classes and no PT)


C) Progress is not linear!
Your body will go through lots of changes but it’s just a journey of peaks & troughs.
At the time of the middle photo (2yrs into my fitness journey) I thought I was at my peak really 🤷🏼‍♀️ I ate well but my calorie expenditure was nuts!!! Lol
I didn’t realise how much more I could sculpt my body and shape it like I have.
Yeh ok I have more body fat than I’d like right now… lockdowns messed me up a lot and I’ve had trouble juggling everything but although my lifestyle has changed a great deal from the middle pic, it’s benefited me to a degree and I’ve gained a lot more muscle esp on my legs since my weight training has been consistent. I’ve kept some definition, thick muscle and look fuller which is something I’m liking more these days!☺️👍🏼

People always ask if I’m natural or simply make statements to me that I’m not, as if it’s not possible 🤦🏼‍♀️ 🙄 so for that reason I’ll clarify that I am natural, always have been.

Again that is preference too. Personally, with my genetics and the upper body muscle I already have, I just don’t think it would be a good route for me to go down (I’m only 5’1 lol), I never want to have to hold back on how hard I train for fear of growing out of proportion. So I guess by keeping natural I know my body will only grow to what it is capable of and I’ll be happy with that! I’m excited to keep developing and to see where I can take this body I was born with🥰🙏🏼

❤️I hope this post inspires some people out there.
I hope it encourages some that it’s never too late to get stuck

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