Who’s training glutes at home

1️⃣Band SL Kneeling Hinge Variation
I wrapped my @perillegrade long band around my stairs and used my balance pad under my knee. I love all the glute exercises that I can put one cheek at a time through HELL! Great way to find out glute imbalances as well. Your bent knee should be directly underneath your hip with majority of your body weight transferred into this side. Lower your chest down and sit your butt back as far as you can

2️⃣Ball + Band Ham Curls
Adding the band was a lot more painful than I had anticipated lol. It felt so good to get my abs and triceps working as well. Let me know how this one goes for you! Pretty sure you’ll be commenting it was more intense than you thought!

3️⃣Ball + Band Frog Pumps
The ball creates the perfect amount of instability to make me work even harder. The band across my hips creates more resistance for my glutes, abs and triceps

4️⃣Long SL Extended Bridges
Yep, we are still using the long band. Your abs and triceps should be pretty close to wanting this all to be over by now 😝. Try to keep your extended leg’s foot above your pelvis. Your planted foot should be creating a vertical line from knee to ankle. Engage your core through all reps and drive through your bottom heel to fully contract your glutes

5️⃣Elevated Bridge x Abduction
Last one with the long band, I promise!! Position your feet on the wall so that your ankles are fairly in-line with your knees at the top of the bridge. I prefer my ankles to be slightly under and don’t feel my quads taking over (play around with this). At the top of the bridge, abduct your knees and return to normal bridge positioning before lowering back down

6️⃣Elevated Bridge w/ Eccentric Focused Abduction
Fanatic finisher! At the top of the bridge, abduct your knees as hard as you can while holding the abduction as you lower back down. Remember to focus on your heels, push hard into the wall

7️⃣-9️⃣ continued in comments!

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