workout when my boys are with me. It took a lot of

A lot of you parents have asked how I manage to workout when my boys are with me. It took a lot of trial and error and some days are a bit trickier than others but it’s safe to say we have a pretty good system down now. Here’s what we’ve come up with that works for us!

I bring a toddler table and a super soft foldable chair for big brother to sit in. He watches his iPad with headphones on and eats snacks. I know screen time is a highly debating subject. I’ve made the decision to allow him to use it once a week for the hour I workout. He will also pull his special gym toys out of his backpack and play with them on his table. This is his little setup when he isn’t in school or kids klub is closed.

Baby brother sits in his stroller and people watches while eating lots of snacks. I have to superset most exercises and push him around so he isn’t sitting in one area too long. Majority of the time he’s completely content. When he gets antsy, I have to get creative and literally incorporate him into my routine 🤪

It’s a lot of work but I’ll continue to do it until these boys are no longer my little workout partners. Ah, what a sad thought?! 😭. So yah, I’ll take all the craziness in the gym for as loooong as possible because I KNOW I will miss these times one day!

Tell me your system for working out with kiddos?! 😃

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