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Yasmin Maia is a famous Instagram star, beauty model and fashion designer. she is from Brazil, she started her Instagram in 2012. her first post features a photo of Justin Bieber taken at a concert of his. she runs a fashion line, and posts about it on the @yasminmaiaoffical Instagram Page.

Yasmin Maia beauty model


  • Yasmin Maia Bio, and Wiki, Facts
  • Yasmin Maia Age
  • Yasmin Maia Height, Weight, Measurement
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Yasmin Maia Bio, and Wiki, Facts:

Brazilian Instagram model who is well-known for her modeling photographs. Her @yasmaiaa account has amassed a following of 270,000 people.

Yasmin Maia Age:

Birthday: 11/03/2000

Age: 22years old

Yasmin Maia Height, Weight, Measurement:

Height: 6.7 inch

Weight: 71 kg

Hair color: brown

Eye Color: blue

Yasmin Maia Photo:

Yasmin Maia Collection:

Fashion Business:- @yasminmaiaofical

Instagram Profile:- @yasmaiaa

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