Lisa Del Piero Biography

Hello, guys it is showing that if you are on this page on the internet you are quite interested in fitness, modelling and fashion etc. In the upcoming lines of this article, we will tell you about a beautiful fashion model, social media star or you can also call her a fitness freak. So let’s get started without wasting any time firstly reading about her biography and about her Lisa Del Piero

Lisa Del Piero Biography

Lisa Del Piero is one of the most famous celebrities and sensations in the fitness and fashion world. She is a professional fitness model on different-different social media platforms. Lisa Del has nice hips, an attractive back and ripped abs. Lisa Del Piero was born on the 24th of June 1996. Her birthplace was Germany. Lisa Del is known for her modelling in various outfits and unique postures. She is regularly active on all famous social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and Onlyfans.

If we talk about Lisa Del’s Lisa Del Piero, she was a little bit skinny in her teenage, also the main title on her Instagram account is “Skinny to Fit”. Lisa Del does not like her skinny body structure that’s why she chose to join a gym and hit it hard to become healthy, fit and active. After hitting a few months in the gym Lisa Del found very exciting changes in her body and she continued the gym and decided to take her fitness to the next level and turned it into a professional level.

Height of Lisa Del Piero5 Feet 10 inches
Weight of Lisa Del Piero60 kg
Lisa Del Piero’s Date of Birth24 June, 1996
Age  27
Nationality  Germany
Net-worth  7 million
Profession  Fitness and fashion model

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Lisa Del Piero has a curvy body structure that looks quite attractive in all of her posts and reels. Lisa Del works hard with her abs to make them look ripped, she works hard with her other body parts like hips, thighs and back to make them look attractive too and stronger.

  • Height of Lisa Del Piero:- 5 Feet 10 inches
  • Weight of Lisa Del Piero:- Around 60 kg


Lisa Del Piero is famous on about every famous social media platform like Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and Onlyfans. Lisa Del got millions of fans and likes on her social media accounts like she has around 1.5 million followers on her Instagram account. Lisa Del have around 220k subscriber on her Youtube channel named her original name ‘Lisa Del Piero’. If we ask about her Tiktok she has around 1.3 million followers there on it.


Lisa Del Piero does workout for 6 days a week. There in the gym Lisa Del loves doing back, hips and thighs workouts the most. Lisa Del follows her workout routine very strictly and with discipline, that’s why lots of people make her their idol, they follow her workout routine and lifestyle to stay fit and healthy.


Lisa Del Piero eats her diet according to her body’s needs, she consumes every nutritious food item to fulfil her all body requirements. Lisadelpiero loves eating eggs, chicken and fruits etc. Lisadelpiero also consumes a few supplements like whey protein, vitamins and Bcaa to enhance her performance and fulfil her body needs.


Lisadelpiero has lots of sources to earn money she earns through social media sponsoring, she earns from AdSense, she earns from sponsoring many fitness and beauty brands and also earns through Onlyfans. Lisa Del Piero’s Onlyfans account also remains in the news.

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